Educated and Uneducated People

Education is very important. Actually it is the most important thing for our lives in my opinion. So it is clear that not everyone can receive the education they need and this leads us to divide people into two groups: educated and uneducated people. Both two types of people have their advantages and disadvantages for themselves. We can evaluate them in terms of economical power, social status and mentality.

When we talk about educated and uneducated people, we tend to link it together with money and business in the first place. It is true that educated people have a lot more opportunities in business word than uneducated people. Because they primarily have a certificate verifying their state of being educated and this is what counts most of the time. Consequently, as they have more opportunities to have a good job, they have a better income. In contrast, uneducated people do not have much chance of having a good and well-paid job unless they are very lucky. They usually have to work in simple temporary jobs or have to do very heavy muscle work in a construction or field. So unlike educated people, they can not have enough income to make ends meet for their families.

The issue of income according to their jobs brings us to another aspect which is the social status of these people. When you have money, you seem to be respectable for other people. But if you do not, you do not have much of a specialty apart from being poor. Our society and especially young people usually push hard on these people. Actually they do not choose to be in that condition but because they are not educated properly or at all, they are not as lucky as educated ones to have the same chances of life. Apart from this, one other reason why educated people have a superior status is that they act in life according to their knowledge of things. Of course it would not be a false statement if we say that sometimes the uneducated beats the educated in terms of being social or respectable but this is not our actual case.

The last aspect we are going to discuss is their mentality. We have the impression that educated people are open-minded whereas uneducated people are closed-minded. And guess what? This is generally the truth. Educated people have an advantage of greater knowledge about the world, other people, possibilities or excessities because they are educated not only technically or scientifically but also culturally. They have a chance to see the world from other people’s eyes through the education they receive. Yet uneducated people are mostly straightlaced because they have what they see and learnt from their parents and what they experienced in life and the most upsetting part is that they treat their children with this mentality. Seeing that the information they have gathered so far is enough and almost more than enough for them, they think that their children may do the same as they did. It is completely fair for some uneducated people to do this injustice to their children. However educated people want their children to go far beyond them. They want them to make better than what they did. Because they know that every day and every second of our lives some things change and develop and some things are discovered or invented.

As we see there are some aspects according to which educated and uneducated people can be compared and contrasted. I do not want to put any blame on uneducated people blind-foldedly before figuring out their reasons but this is the case in some parts in the world. All these discussions remind us the importance of this one and only thing: education.


~ by domesucannur on April 19, 2011.

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